Sidetracks Women

If you want to try cycling or hiking but have no one to do it with, don’t stay at home!
Instead, Re-discover New Zealand on one of our women-only tours – designed by women, guided by women, loved by women.
At Sidetracks Women, we offer women-only tours and support you with a ready-made, all-female group and an experienced female tour leader to help you make the most of your adventure. Multi-day guided cycling and hiking trips lead to new experiences in many ways, new adventures, new passions.
Our accommodation is all about comfort and charm. We love amazing locations and breathtaking views. Why not some quirky details? And it doesn’t have to be four or five stars all the time.
Most important is the unforgettable company of like-minded women.
After a day’s cycling or walking, nothing beats sitting around a table with delicious home-cooked food, sipping a glass of wine and having a good yarn.
Mealtimes reflect the social nature of Sidetracks Women tours, with everyone pitching in to help prepare what’s on the menu and tidy up afterwards.
Of course, our tour packages included everything you expect and need on tour.
We have been guiding hiking and cycling tours in our backyard, the stunning Aotearoa / New Zealand, for over 25 years.

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