Walter Peak

A commanding 1800m high, Walter Peak is regularly visited by the TSS Earnslaw steamship as it ferries passengers to the base of the mountain to experience Walter Peak High Country Farm.
Legend has it adventurous pioneers William Rees and Nicholas Von Tunzelman flipped a coin for which side of the lake to settle on in the late 1850s. Rees got the Queenstown side and Von Tunzelman Walter Peak.
In the late 1880s, the Mackenzie family took over the region and farmed the area for 80 years, establishing the Colonel’s Homestead in 1908. Unfortunately, the fire damaged the iconic building in 1977, and it was then carefully reconstructed.

Fast forward to 2014, when Real NZ initiated an ambitious conservation effort known as the Walter Peak Land Restoration Project. This endeavour began after the acquisition of the farmland surrounding Colonel’s Homestead. In an ecological feat, the project involved clearing 155 hectares of invasive non-native trees and weeds, creating space for the restoration of pockets of native bush. Additionally, a scenic walkway was meticulously crafted, offering visitors a mesmerizing journey through this revitalized landscape.
Today, this stunning route not only allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history of the high country farm but also presents the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride aboard the iconic TSS Earnslaw, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Real NZ – Gourmet BBQ
Real NZ – Gourmet BBQ

Fuel up before or after your cycle and treat yourself to the gourmet flavours of the BBQ lunch or dinner at the Colonel’s Homestead Restaurant. Relax in charming historic rooms in the heart of the homestead at Walter Peak. Choose from an expansive array of New Zealand and local produce, from meats cooked on an […]

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Real NZ – Walter Peak Farm Tour
Real NZ – Walter Peak Farm Tour

Get a taste of rural living with a Walter Peak High Country Farm hosted tour. Greet your favourite rural animals, explore the regenerated landscape, catch a sheep shear and watch a farm dog demonstration in amazement. Top it all off with freshly baked afternoon tea. This is a slice of real New Zealand farming like […]

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Real NZ – TSS Earnslaw
Real NZ – TSS Earnslaw

Your bike trail ‘Around the Mountains’ won’t be complete without a steamship journey on the TSS Earnslaw. An iconic Queenstown experience, this vintage vessel plays an integral role in the town’s history and will drop you right at Walter Peak High Country Farm. To make your experience go the extra mile, you have the option […]

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Barge Services
Barge Services

Barge Services NZ offers Queenstown to Walter Peak Station – Lake transfers. Joel, your friendly skipper alongside his partner Kate, own and operate Barge Services NZ. Offering safe, reliable and no hassles barge transport. Flexible departure times. Ride on Ride off / Up to 22 cyclists at a time. Check out our Facebook page or […]

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