Bike etiquette

While the remote wilderness is part of the attraction, odds are you will encounter other trail users at some stage. So, if you’re relatively new to the cycling world, here’s some tips on bike etiquette.

Respect others

  • Stay in control so you can safely avoid other users
  • Use a bell or friendly greeting when approaching to let them know you’re there
  • Ride shared tracks in small groups
  • Be patient behind slower riders and pull over to let faster riders pass

Respect the rules

  • Keep left on gravel roads as farm vehicles also use them
  • Ride only where permitted
  • Be prepared
  • Leave gates as you find them

Respect the trail

  • Don’t skid or cut corners – skidding can lead to erosion and cutting corners can damage the ecosystem
  • Take your rubbish home – leave only tyre prints
  • Clean your bike to prevent spreading things like gorse and didymo

Share the Road

  • Follow the road rules at all times
  • Keep left
  • Ride predictably, in a straight line and signal your intentions
  • Ride no more than two abreast
  • Try not to slow the flow of traffic
  • Courtesy works – a friendly wave and smile to other road users will help foster a more positive attitude to cyclists