Mt Nicholas Station

Mt Nicholas Station is one of New Zealand’s largest and most historic high-country stations. Spanning over 100,000 acres, starting from the shore of Lake Wakatipu and reaching deep into Southland, it is home to 30,000 merino sheep and 2200 Hereford cattle.
From towering mountain peaks, alpine hideaways and glistening lakes to expansive tussock plains, beautiful river valleys, native forest and 14km of beachfront, Mt Nicholas Station track has it all.
Originally settled in the 1860s by the White family, station life was challenging and often daunting for the early pioneers, who were forced to combat plagues of rabbits, heavy snowfalls and isolation with the closest neighbour a two-day horse ride away. Improvements in farming over the last 150 years have benefitted Mt Nicholas. However, the station enjoys relative isolation and is still largely self-sufficient. Hydroelectricity is produced on-farm, as is much of the food consumed here.

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