While New Zealand is on Alert Level Four in response to Covid-19, there is restricted access to the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail.

While New Zealand is on Alert Level Four in response to Covid-19, there is restricted access to the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail.

Riding is NOT permitted on the remote Mavora Lakes section (Lake Wakatipu to Centre Hill) of the trail. The boat services from Queenstown to Walter Peak and Mt Nicholas stations are not operating.

During the nationwide lockdown, only essential travel is permitted, such as getting food or medicine from your local area. The best way to reduce the risk of exposure to yourself and others is to stay at home.

However, we do realise that people will want to get out and exercise. Help our emergency services by only doing safe activities, such as going for a walk. Don’t go swimming, surfing, hunting, fishing or tramping.

Riding your bike is still allowed currently but remember cycling is inherently a more risky activity than walking.

If you do want to ride your bike, please limit yourself to short, easy rides in your own neighbourhood, follow recommended hygiene guidelines and our recommendations below.

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and others:

  1. Consider whether you need to leave your property at all. Can you exercise at home?
  2. Don’t ride trails or go out to exercise if you have symptoms (e.g. fever, coughing, shortness of breath etc). Please stay at home!
  3. Only venture onto the Cycle Trail if you live adjacent to or very close to it. Remember driving in your car is for essential travel only – it doesn’t include transporting you and your bike to a trail.  
  4. Ride alone or only with the people you are self-isolating with. If you’re riding alone tell someone what your plans are.
  5. If you’re riding with your self-isolating group, make sure everyone knows the recommended hygiene guidelines before they set off.
  6. Keep at least 2m away from other trail users and be considerate. When approaching other people slow down so that it’s easier to maintain this separation, and always give way to walkers. Avoid narrow tracks where maintaining this separation may be difficult. 
  7. Where possible, avoid touching any surfaces that could be contaminated such as gates, squeeze bars, handrails, fences, benches and picnic tables. The virus can remain on surfaces for three days.
  8. Try to avoid using public toilets; many will be closed anyway. Go before you ride. Carry your own toilet paper and sanitiser in case using the toilets is unavoidable.
  9. Don’t touch your face while you’re riding. Wash your hands and disinfect your handlebars when you get home.
  10. Make smart and conservative choices about the rides you choose to do and how you ride them. Our hospitals and emergency services are already overburdened – unnecessary accidents will make things harder. Avoid technical mountain biking rides where there is a higher risk of injury.
  11. Only ride very locally. With all non-essential travel prohibited and non-essential businesses along or near the trails closed, visiting other areas to ride is not an option. Travelling further afield increases the risk of community transmission, and the length of time we may remain at Alert Level Four. Please remember driving is only permitted for visiting essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies, not for leisure or exercise.

Be calm, be kind. Be responsible and show the community you care. Kia kaha – united we can help stop the spread of Covid-19 and get back to riding all of our beautiful trails.